Flight MH370: Lost in Time, Lost in Space

Flight MH370

Flight MH370: Lost in Time, Lost in Space

What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370? Episode 3 of the Netflix Docuseries 370: Beyond the Clouds

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappearance from airport radar initiated the largest aviation search ever, yet little remains of the Boeing 777 except a few pieces scattered along Africa’s coastline and islands in the Indian Ocean.

Flight MH370- Beyond the Clouds

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 passengers and crew onboard on March 8, 2014. Within an hour after takeoff, however, its Boeing 777 disappeared from radar screens, never making its destination in Beijing, and remains one of aviation’s greatest mysteries nine years later. In episode three of Netflix docuseries MH370: Beyond the Clouds victims’ relatives, scientists, journalists all continue their search for answers about its fateful disappearance.

This docuseries investigates some of the more controversial theories. Experts phenomenon that the plane deliberately distracted to the Indian ocean due to the cargo onboard. No hijackers claimed responsibility and it is unlikely the aircraft would have traveled so far away from its original path before landing there..

The documentary posed a theory that MH370 intentionally shot down. Vladimir Putin could have done it out of revenge against China who lost many citizens onboard MH370; de Changy does not provide any direct evidence supporting this theory but believes Russia may have covered up certain facts related to her investigation of this aircraft crash.

Beyond Answers -Flight MH370

Nine years since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished without trace, its disappearance remains an enigmatic mystery. Netflix released a three-part docuseries exploring all of the theories on what could have occurred with Boeing 777 aircraft.

The show begins by recounting the aftermath of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370’s disappearance on March 8, 2014 during a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Next it explores conspiracy theories regarding what might have happened. One theory suggests pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah intentionally crashed it by using his home flight simulator to deviate away from its intended route before using autopilot settings on his plane to run out of fuel and crash into the Indian Ocean.

Former director of the Proteus Airlines suggest that the U.S. government involved in the disappearance of MH370. He expresses a belief that the plane was carrying “poorly documented Motorola electronics equipment” which China desired to access. According to his theory, the U.S. government would have destroyed MH370 and, consequently, murdered 239 people with this action.

Official searches carried out by Malaysia, Australia and China concluded without finding any conclusive evidence to explain what happened to Flight 370. A private company named Ocean Infinity is now pushing to revive their search efforts while relatives who were aboard are pressing the government to approve new searches, saying Flight 370 remains a risk to aviation safety. Voice370 urges governments to allow Ocean Infinity’s research stating it poses an imminent risk.

Source – Netflix

Incident-Day-Wise Tracking Report

On March 8, 2014, an aircraft vanished after departing Kuala Lumpur for Beijing on March 8. The text never reached its intended destination and vanished from radar. Unexpectedly, it took a U-turn over the Malay Peninsula, veering into the Strait of Malacca and then into the Andaman Sea near Thailand. Despite extensive searching efforts conducted by both governments and private companies, no one has discovered the text..

People widely describe this incident as the world’s “biggest aviation mystery.” For its passengers and their next of kin, it became an unbearable nightmare. Malaysia Airlines carried 239 people onboard their plane MH370; including 153 Chinese nationals. Jiang is now suing Malaysia Airlines, Boeing and the company responsible for making its engine, hoping his suit can bring answers about what transpired; “I don’t want any compensation – just an explanation,” as he stated in Netflix documentary about this case.

Flight 907’s disappearance led to numerous speculations, from mechanical failure to hijacking. A final report issued in 2018 identified flaws by air traffic controllers and concluded that Zaharie manually changed its course reversing a path programmed into its computer system; furthermore, his home flight simulator showed him crashing his plane into southern Indian Ocean which is where investigators believe its debris lies – although any involvement by anyone other than Zaharie appears highly unlikely.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s disappearance stunned the world. There were no bad weather reports or distress calls; instead it simply disappeared from radar screens altogether. A final satellite communication arrived, but was unreadable, prompting search teams to examine the ocean in pursuit of what may have been intentional hijacking by criminals.

This philosophy, explored in the Netflix documentary “Beyond the Clouds” implies that one or both hijackers snuck onto Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 using remote controls to take over from the cockpit, killing all 227 passengers and six crew members aboard in just minutes an impossible task given all crew and pilots were sitting together; furthermore, the perpetrator would need to overcome them all within a short amount of time and disable radar systems as well as depressurize the cabin in short order.

Another theory suggests the plane had an engine fire, prompting its pilots to turn back toward Malaysia in search of an emergency landing strip,but according to a 2018 report, no one can prove this concept as no one has given specific reasons for why this occurred. Considering the severe damage found on its wreckage so far, it seems unlikely that it continued its collision into the sea..

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